Nov 08 2010

Windows Phone 7 hits US markets

Category: News,Windows PhoneJebarson Jebamony @ 4:18 pm

The much awaited product from Microsoft hits the US market today. Though European markets already tasted the flavor before US this time, it’s going to be a good time for tonnes of people who really wanted a better smartphone.

AT & T and T-Mobile has launched the handsets as of now. HTC HD7, Surround and Samsung Focus takes the name for being highest priced handsets tagging $199. Dell Mobility has the lowest with the price tag of $150.

Amazon wireless is selling HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro for $99 for new service plans.

AT & T is also giving away a free “Entertainment Pack” worth $30 with every windows phone. However, this subscription is free for a month and then you will be charged $10 for the services in the pack which can be canceled anytime. The pack bundles free 3D puzzle game (XBOX live) and few songs (Zune) and video (AT&T).

So what, get yours!

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